Sculpture, Painting and Drawing university courses in Paris, New York and Santo Domingo


Educational outreach in New York City Public Schools

A multitude of visual art projects, murals and sculptures grace many public schools in all five boroughs of NYC as a compelling evidence of what students can achieve by themselves. The multifaceted educational outreach has been an important commitment by Dimitar Lukanov resulting in collaboration with over 80 public schools in New York City as well as city hospitals and adult institutions.

This endeavor is lead by the belief in the immense aesthetic and educational gain of inspiring human talent through hard work and artistic achievement; It is also an attempt to establish memories, paths, indeed a blueprint, for further development. Quality education has no true borders in terms of age, origin, income or cultural identity. Ultimately, even if not practicing art as a career choice, the student/participant would grow as a supporter and admirer of the arts, comprehending their indelible, richly nurturing nature to all aspects of human life and interactions. By reconstituting a veritable artist studio, students witness that art is hard work, mastering materials, passion and a disciplined human effort to better one’s environment, to bring about dreams and vision, illuminate ideas, to illustrate a thought and ultimately, to be a shared, public experience and visual product to be seen by many.

A most immediate registration of a feeling, Drawing stands for a compelling piece of art in a category by itself as the very basis for all things visual. Drawing – an extension of and process of observational as well as emotional reach. If drawing is the root of visual thinking, Painting is the veritable evidence of the existence of such thinking in the world of color. A three-dimensional pursuit will investigate the correlation of Architecture and Sculpture. If Drawing is the root of visual thinking, here, Sculpture is the veritable evidence of the existence of such thinking in the three-dimensional world. Points of departure and inspiration are well known individual artists (Brancusi, Moore, Michelangelo, Calder, Giacometti) as well as the ground-braking visual heritage of anonymous greatness as found in African sculpture (Benin, Congo, Mali, Niger), Etruscan, Greek and Thracian sculpture, the American Northwest, the Pacific and Easter isles.